Unable to view on Panasonic



I am using anydvd in combo with clone DVD and get copies that work GREAT on my JVC and/or Sony players BUT when I use the same disc in my Panasonic progressive scan player (model DVD_RP62) it will not read the disc …HEL*P !!


I would guess that it is the media you are using - what is it? The fact that it plays okay in other drives proves that AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 have done their job fine.


According to the comments on this player in the videohelp.com web site, your player is pretty fussy about playing back +R media. If that is what you are using, you may have to switch to -R media. If your burner supports book type management on DVD+R media, you might try setting it for DVD-ROM to see if that works.


Thanks … I am have been using +R will try the switch and see if it helps… again thanks for the suggestion


Good advice about setting the booktype, I am confident this will solve your problem. I always burn DVD+ and have the booktype set to DVD-Rom. I have loaned some of my copies out to over a dozen people who’s equipment went from sophisticated to cheap crap, they all played without any problems using the DVD-Rom format. Don’t forget you can only set the booktype with DVD+ media, not DVD-.

What burner are you using?