Unable to view folders in DOS!


Firstly - Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum.

I’m attempting to create a Ghost CD at work using a modified version from the floppy.

All is ok on the CD in windows, I can view bootcat.bin and bootimg.bin and the folders I added.

I am using Roxio Easy CD Creator 6 to burn.

I am using Roxio to create the image of the floppy directlty.

The CD Boots successfully, however I can only see what’s in the bootimg.bin file, I cannot view anything else on the CD.

I’ve only used Nero before, and not sure what I am doing wrong.


You can try to post the config.sys and autoexec.bat content here so someone can take a look.

Usually the boot image will be in A:, and the other image/folder will be in another drive letter, ie B:, C:, D:, etc.

Right… I thought I could access the folders all from A:

Booting from DOS you need to load CD drivers before you can do anything with a CD/DVD device.

Even though I am booting from CD?

I would have thought that from whatever medium you boot DOS from (floppy , HDD or CD) that without CD drivers loaded you won’t see the optical drives correctly.