Unable to veryfy ANYTHING I have written



First off I foolishly posted this in the WRONG forum (sony thought optairc was sony didn’t see the nec/optiarc forum)

I’m running windows XP on and MSI P35 Neo2-FR using an optiarc 7200s.
Now here’s the strange thing If I write an image file to disc using either nero or Imageburn it writes OK. If I try and verify the disc it hang the drive between 1-30% EVERY time. The discs are written OK as I can verify them on the SAME PC and equipment under windows7 without a problem. I can write a DVD under XP as long as I don’t verify it. I can copy and read every photo/movie or install from the DVD without a problem. But as soon as I try and verify the disc the drive locks up. But as I said If I then boot into windows 7 and verify the disc using an image file I’ve written of it the DVD passes verification. I have the latest drivers for mobo and drive controller from the MSI website. I was always able to verify before.

PS I have to power OFF the drive before I can use it again when this happens.


LOWER the read speed of the drive, tools like drivespeed are issuing such troubles.


thanks, I’ll give that a go.