Unable to update firmware for ND-2500A

I know searching is encouraged and I did, didn’t find much on this, though.

The situation is, I’ve owned this burner for a little over a year now but have not burned any DVDs to this day. Today, I finally decided to buy a spindle of 16x Dynex DVD-Rs (rebadged Riteks) and to burn some stuff with them. I realize these may not be the best DVDs in the world, but I used them all the time on other machines no problem, so they shouldn’t be the cause of this problem. I try to burn in Nero and just get an “Illegal disc, cannot start disc-at-once” error immediately, and then the burn process fails before it even starts. On top of that, it’s only trying to burn at 2.4x instead of 8x (the drive’s max speed).

This is probably due to these discs being made a year after I bought the drive, and I probably just have to update my firmware. However, upon downloading the flash util for 1.0A from NEC’s website and running it, it just pops up a box that says “Target NEC ND-2500A is not found correctly,” and then the program closes.

Any idea what’s wrong and how I can update my firmware?

Your Dynex DVD-R 16x media [RITEK F1] is not supported by NEC 25*0 firmwares and will most probably burn at max 2.4x (generic write strategy), no matter what firmware you flash.
Use Nero InfoTool to identify your current firmware.

When you made sure your drive really is a NEC 2500 you can use Liggy’s Binflash (Win32 GUI) and flash the 1.0A firmware on your drive. Binflash accepts (original) executable firmwares.

BTW, Herrie also provides prepatched 25*0 firmwares that can be flashed on any compatible NEC 2500/2510 drive.

I currently have firmware version 1.7.

I am positive it is a 2500A, so am I safe to use Binflash? What advantage would Herrie’s firmware offer?

Finally, should I just return these Dynex discs for TDKs? I’m surprised it’ll only burn at 2.4x with any firmware.

Sure? Maybe you had 1.07 in mind. :wink:

Better write strategies (= better burn quality) and support for more media. Read at link I gave you above.

Yes, best would be to return Dynex if you can.
TDK’s? + or dash media. What media code do they have.

That’s really odd, because I saw the number in two places, both on the first startup screen where it lists all devices and in InfoTool, very sure both said 1.7.

I just flashed to 1.0A and it surprisingly did not help at all! Geez, I was really sure that would AT LEAST let me burn, even if still at slow speeds. What do you think are the chances Herrie’s will allow me to burn the Dynex discs?

The TDKs I was looking at are -R discs for $22.99 shipped on Newegg. Not sure of their media code as I don’t have any physically here. Would they maybe be no better?

Small, but you can always try it out, because I don’t have a NEC 2500 drive.

If you haven’t burned any DVD discs on this drive then the best would be to visit a “brick and mortar” shop and by a few discs of different brands to find out what works on your drive. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

Final question: Since it still says “Burn process failed” immediately before starting to burn even after the firmware upgrade, does that mean something may be wrong with my drive? Or is it just that even the newest firmware doesn’t support Dynex discs? Is that a possibility or not likely.

the tdks can vary but 8x -r are normally tt02 i haven’t been impressed

first 2 are a 2500 last is a 3500

i checked liggy’s lists and the 25x0 firms do not show ritekf1. with media so cheap i would suggest you try for something that is known to burn good like mcc or ty. penny’s more can mean the difference between ok and nonplayable in the future why waste money on cheap stuff?

Sorry but I have no idea how to interpret your graphs. :frowning:

So you know what drive and firmware I’m using, what would YOU recommend for me to buy. I just want to get some that will work, this is getting ridiculous.

EDIT: But I still want to know, do you think my drive could be bad? Or is this a common thing to experience when you have media that isn’t compatible.

like pinto2 said, ritek f1 isn’t supported. Below is the supported ritek -r MID’s. The latest NEC firmware does support ritek 16x dvd+r though.

So can we assume that alone is the direct cause of this issue?

I got these -Rs for $15, they have +Rs for the same price, think I should try those instead of paying $10 more for a spindle of TDKs?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with your burner. If you really want to get these discs to work on your burner, maybe contact quikee…or another person with expertise in firmware modding to make a firmware that could burn those discs.

Generally, 16x discs will burn better at a speed higher than 8x anyway though.

If you want to test, I could try to create a few test firmwares for RITEK F1 discs. RITEK R04 strategies for 4x, 6x and 8x could work for example, but I’ll also try some others.

Thanks for the assistance, it’s very appreciated!

Well dicer mentioned that Ritek DVD+Rs do work on this burner. Are we positive about this? If so I can simply buy those for the same price instead of spending so much more for TDKs or another brand.

Nonono lol, i just meant that the strat is available in the firmware, which means it should work ok. I have used tdk 16x dvd+r (TDK 003) on my 2510 which worked well.

if you have a local officemax they have MBI +r and fuji -r rebadged as officemax brand for $15 for 50 either will burn reasonably well but the +r will burn very well

Well I returned the Dynex -Rs and bought a spindle of the Dynex +Rs for a few cents cheaper. So far burned three perfectly at 8x, and they read fine. Yay.

Now should I expect these discs to read no problem in pretty much all current and future burners?

who knows if the future drives will be backward compatible. maybe maybe not…

Well I’m mostly backing up some large video files that are each 3-4 GB in size. How long do you trust your DVDs for? I’m just imagining a situation, say a couple years from now, where my drive dies and I have to get a new one, and suddenly it doesn’t read my discs and I burned them all for nothing.

Is backing up to DVD essentially pointless?

well cds came out in 93 on personal computers and most drives will still read them. i would have to assume there will be a time in the future that, similar to 5.25 floppies, you only hear old people ramble on about how they used to “hack” them by using a paper punch to double capacity. by then you will be burning on HD dvd or bluray and will have put all 0f these files on 1 disc b/c it holds 30 gig instead of 4. why worry just start saving for newer better cheaper faster hardware