Unable to update DW1655 firmware



I tried to update the firmware for my newly aquired BenQ DW1655 from GCAB to BCDB, when I click ‘Upgrade’, a dialog box pops up saying “The drive is not allowed to be updated.” I’m using Flash Tool (ver. A-7.5 bete 2). Also, in Device Manager the drive is listed as “ATAPI DVD LS 8X16X8X16” Any thoughts?


Hi :slight_smile:
Unfortunately that’s the problem. To get from GC** series f/w to BC** series you technically have to crossflash (warning crossflashing will invalidate your warranty). Take a look at this thread.


Thank you for your quick reply!

Will crossflashing to BC** series disable the LightScribe function?


Hi :slight_smile:
No, not as long as you use the right f/w. It is possible to crossflash to a 1650 which will disable LS as the f/w offers no support. So make sure it’s BCDB f/w that you use.


Ok, thank you for your help… this place is great!