Unable to update DVR-A07XLA to firmware v1.18

I have PIONEER DVR-A07XLA. I successfully updated original firmware to version 1.16. I cannot update to version 1.118. I receive a message “available target is not found”. All firmware downloaded from pioneer usa.

If I execute 1.116 update again, it does find my DVR-A07XLA.

I notice that the update program has changed revisions in addition to the firmware update.

All help appreciated.

I had the same problem, and I suspect that the file Pioneer US posted contains the wrong update. The 1.18 update at the European and Austrailian Pioneer sites seems to be different, and recognizes my DVR-A07XLA.

I haven’t actually applied either of these updates since I’ve been waiting to see if Pioneer updates it’s US site (on the small chance the firmware could be slightly different).

I have never see pioneer fw be different yet and I had two of there drives.

If the official update program does not accept your model, then use DVRFlash to flash. Just be sure that you are 100% sure about whether your drive is a DVR-107D or a DVR-107XL (the only way to check for sure is to use DVRFlash to see the drive’s Normal and Kernel type. XL models will have a normal and kernel type of “PIO_ADV”)