Unable to update a BackitUp backup

Hello, I have some problems with BackItUp (version

I used it to create a DVD+RW backup of my data disk; no problem, 3,7GB written, the session is open, the disc is readable with Windows XP.

Today, I want to update this backup to include new files. All right, 600 MB to write… But the update fails in the first writing phase… it says “Incorrect disk inserted”. I tried to update the Hard-Drive copy of the backup, and the DVD “.nbi” file on the DVD; In both cases, it doesn’t work.

The first test I made failed also (last week, another DVD+RW): “unable to write to disk” (I forgot the exact message).

I searched this forum with no success; However, I’ve seen InstantCopy (from pinnacle) could interfere with Nero. Both came bundled with my computer; should I drop IC ? (Has it some utility ?)

No one has encountered this kind of problems ?

I hoped somebody would propose a workaround… I think I will stick with normal Multisession DVD+RW and manual backup :frowning:

did you check the file nb.txt ??
ident to disk !

Hi !

Thanks for your reply; however, I can’t understand how the nb.txt file could be wrong. I have only one disk, and I updated directly the DVD… not the hard-disk copy. (I tried the hard-disk copy first, but as it failed, I tried the DVD directly…)

sofar I know, backitup works only for one session, nb.txt is updated after each backup. If you have more than one backup jobs working. so you get this problem. I use only one job daily incremental. os that is ok


Ok… Thank you ate.

It seems you are right. BackIt Up seems to allow only one session, even if all indicates several sessions are possible.

Well… I can’t understand… How could we have a backup application which CANNOT update its backup on a 4,7GB disk ?

Ok; I will stick with multisession DVDs… I have a problem, but I will expose it in anthor thread.

Let’s hope that will be corrected in a future bug fix ? :smiley: