Unable to Uninstall DVDFab V9!?


As per title, I can’t uninstall DVDFab9.

Tried uninstalling via Control Panel (Normal Mode), then tried uninstalling via uninstall executable within DVDFab directory under Safe Mode. But the uninstallation procdeure doesn’t seem to progress after displaying a message box about uninstallation for a couple of minutes.

Then tried deleting DVDFab directory, but it wouldn’t let me do that, saying something about some file(s) being in use (elsewhere)?

So how to uninstall DVFab9, please?


What OS?


Windows 7, either 32bit or 64bit, I don’t recall which, as I have both versions installed in multi-boot system.

Anway, I have just removed DVDFab9 some hours ago using a third party uninstaller program and forcing the uninstallation of DVDFab9 and its associated files.