Unable to start BackItUp (old problem, no solutions?)



This problem has been brought up more than once. Only one thread has
been responded to that I can find so far, one that started 02-09-2003,
and that without a solution being found.

The problem appears simple. Someone installs Nero, but can’t start
BackItUp. This has just happened to me, and I would love to see some
explanation and a solution.

I made a squeaky-clean install, after deinstalling because my first attempt
led to an intractable Blue Screen Of Death problem under Win98 SE due to
the presence of older packet software (it would have been nice if the Nero
installation had warned me of the conflict, instead of leaving me to find a
solution via a Win98 newsgroup frequented by highly knowledgeable and
patient people who like to help). This time I removed everything that had
been said to be a problem or even a potential problem, ran the cleaning
tools Nero offers twice, and succeeded in installing. Everything seems to
work … except BackItUp. An attempt to run it by double-clicking on the
application gets the message

The license you are currently using does not allow you to start this application.

I installed from a CD supplied with an Optorite DD1601 rewriting internal drive.
The CD label is titled Nero OEM Suite and claims to install NeroVision
Express 2, Nero Express 6 v, Nero Show Time and InCD
The documentation files give the impression that BackItUp is included.
In the Ahead folder, a subfolder Nero BackItUp is created, containing
BackItUp, NBJ, NBR and two documentation files. Double-clicking on NBJ
and NBR gets the same “The license …” response as with BackItUp.
Nero StartSmart offers no way of navigating to BackItUp. Shortcuts are
created in my start menu for Nero Vision, Nero OEM, Nero Media Player and
Nero Toolkit (the Toolkit doesn’t offer a route to BackItUp).

So, any ideas? Thanks for any responses.


Your OEM version of Nero does not allow use of Nero Backitup. This was purposefully removed from your version of Nero. In order to have access to Nero Backitup, you will need to upgrade to a full retail license of the Nero product.


Maybe another way to approach the problem: what is the actual_mechanism
which decides whether or not a program may be run and, if it may not, triggers
the message

The license you are currently using does not allow you to start this application

? e.g., is the serial number examined? is there a list somewhere in a config or
startup file or the like of applications allowed to run? do applications have
switch settings coded into them which are flipped by updates? or what?


Oops, my reply must have crossed Mike Koo’s in the bitstream.
Thanks for the explanation. And I guess I should go turn off the
e-mail request I made last week.