Unable to set initial region code, and hence cant play DVDs

Hi All,

Yep a complete newbie here, so I hope this is in the right place.

I have just bought a LiteOn 451s DVD writer and have connected it up and everything however it won’t play DVDs (CDs work fine). It seems after looking at the hardware profile that the region code is not set to anything. When I try to change the region to the appropriate code (in my case 4, AUstralia) I get an error message saying that I need a suitable region media in the drive and Admin privledges. I have a purchased Reg 4 Movie in the drive (in this case Harry Potter, and I have tried others) and I am the administrator.

Can anyone offer any advicde as to how to set the initial DVD Region?

I am running on Win 200 Professional, with 256M ram, P4 2.6GHz with 80G HD. The only issue is I already have a DVD Combo drive from Samsung (which does work fine) and I have already tried removing this drive (which didn’t work).

ANyway any help would be great.



What DVD Player Software is installed?

I have several players installed however they were all installed for my original Samsung Combo drive. The player given to me with the LiteOn drive was PowerDVD, which is the same one I was given with the Samsung drive so I didn’t re-install it.

I have been speaking with some people who think that this might be the problem, in that the PowerDVD software is in fact taylored to the drive it came with and sets up that drive? I am not sure but the suggestion at this stage is to remove PowerDVD and re-install the version of it which came with the LiteOn drive. From what I can see they both look identical, but then again maybe they arent. I can’t give you the version numbers of the software as I am not in front of the computer at the moment but the two copies of PowerDVD looked identical and are both recent (less than 6 mths old for the Samsung version).

With this tool, you can actually set the drive region itself, or make it region free.


Look for this text:
And then we have the Region freeing utility: Download here
Shold work with all Lite-On manufactured drives.
This is how it looks:


I tried the tool mentioned but it wasn’t able to set the default region either. I am wondering if there might be a problem with the drive its self, which seems strange as it has no problems reading CDs, and reports that it is a 451s with the usual status codes etc… or maybe there is a slight problem with my other hardware / setup. I will try the drive in another box to see if I can get it to read a DVD and hence set the initial region code.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


Try playing some movies by using GeeXbox. If this live OS can playback your movies , it’s a Windows thing.