Unable to select DVD files (what's wrong?)


I just bought DVD Cloner4 as it came highly recommended. How disappointed I was when I couldn’t even select DVD files off of my hard drive!

The files on my hard disk are legally bought. Others are home-made movies. I was able to access them with WindDVD Creator, but bought DVD Cloner4 for all its features.

However, I can’t even select movie files off my hard drive! Not a single one! After clicking the source directory to access my folders, the ‘open’ button does not highlight, ever - for any folder! As I don’t even have the option to click ‘ok’ or ‘open’, what am I to do?

I am following the directions for HDD backup, and it does not work. Why can I not import any movie files off my hard drive???

I’d really appreciate your help. Please tell me I didn’t waste my money!

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