Unable to select data type in alcohol 120

Hi, I don’t know if this is a regular problem faced by other but I find that when I place one of my playstation 2 games into my drive and select image making wizard or copy wizard, alcohol 120% doesnt give me the option to select which data type (ie - safedisc, ps2 etc)

It does work however when there is no cd in the drive but I abviously cannot click the next button because there is no cd.

Can somebody please help me here as I am unable to create a backup copy of one of my games which has Safedisk proteciton on it. Thank you

I already answered your post on the alcohol forum :stuck_out_tongue:

but i didnt understand it, sorry im new to it all, how can i get the menu to choose data type?

There is no datatype for dvd discs. You can only check/uncheck skip errors.

but its a ps2 disk

Some ps2 discs are cds, others are dvds. As Andareed said, if it’s a dvd there aren’t any datatype options except for skip errors.

thanks…in ur opinion do u believe it will overcome the safedisk protection even though it may have to skip through half an hour’s worth of errors?

Safedisc (Macrovision) is not used on ps2 games (Sony). Many ps2 cds are unprotected other than the standard boot protection. Others use libcrypt as well. Ps2 dvds are generally unprotected save for the standard boot protection.

so if it is unprotected, the reason i have encountered so many errors in the recording process is probably due to the actual media itself? (even though it works in my ps2)
should i keep recording through the error sectors or is it not worth it?

If errors are reported in the log then uncheck error skipping as this will, in the case of PSX, force Alcohol to look for errors where there are none.

You might also want to try imaging the game using dvd decryptor (iso mode).

I have the exact same problem, I would really apreciate help. Exact same problem as Stokey except I am write protected with SafeDisk2 (Sims 2). I mount the DVD and there is no option to mount it with SafeDisk2. Then when I run the mounted virtual drive it says please enter DVD. I own the original and simply want the game to run better by running off my hard drive. Thank you very much!


PS. I also am using alcohol 120%