Unable to see burnt tracks

hope some one can help have a btc 1004 drive with the latest firmware that has been recording to riteck printable dvd - r’s with no problem. have just brought some Mirror Platinum -r disks and 1st one burnt ok put in the next 3 disks and all appeared to burn ok but when i go to view the files nothing there, nero says burnt ok and you can visually see the disks have been burnt but neither dvd recorder nor dvd rom can see files on the last 3 disks. 1st disk no problem and all data recorded to them is identical. was recomended these discs by the retailer but starting to think there not very good any ideas. oh and am using the latest version of nero. tried to us dvdinfo program but it causes a crash and restarts my pc. any help much appreciated

have you installed any software that may have “locked” your drive? Check that first…if so…unlock it…then see if you see those tracks…:slight_smile:

I wonder what software you have got installed on your machine - it’s possible something is interfering with the burn process.

It may be helpful to post a log of one of your burns in Nero, which, amongst other things, gives this information. Use the Save Log… button at the bottom of the burn window. You can open the file in a text editor, then cut and paste the text file into a reply, omitting the top two or three lines that contain your name and Nero serial number.

Obviously, if you have any, it may be better to use rewriteable media for this test so that you don’t waste another disc. Trying rewriteable media may also show whether or not it’s a media problem.