Unable to scan AnydvdHD 6642 blurays with LiteOn iHES208 anymore



I just got thru using AnydvdHD 6642 to backup XXX: special edition region A bluray and an older movie (BD) The professionals region A - I wanted to do a quality scan on the burns - I tried popping them into my LiteOn iHES208-08 - it took forever to load; when I openned Opti Drive Control - it showed the disc capacity as way off - I then tried to start the scan - the app hung - I then tried to play the disks in TMT3 - it said to retry with a valid disk!. Also using windows explorer - the titles don’t show up using the Lite On…

When I place these disks in a Pioneer bdr-205 - they show up in windows explorer; play in TMT3 - they all play in all three of my standalone players.

To make sure the drive isn’t at fault - I tried some backups of Blurays using an older version of AnydvdHD - the disks load quick in the LiteOn - register in windows explorer and will scan in Opti Drive Control - I also checked a DVD9 I recently backed up - in 6642 - it had no problems with the LiteOn iHES208 or a iHAS424. Avatar also produces the same unscanable results w/ LiteOn iHES208 (used 6642 to backup).

Anyone else having this situation? Anyone have an idea why this is happening - It seems to be something in the discs AnydvdHD is producing w/ latest version (I am not sure at which version this problem started - I checked with a disc from 5-6 months ago) HELP - need to be able to do quality scans…:confused::confused: