Unable to run EZ Creator v5

Hi. I am able to install EZCreator and unable to use it because of
an error E80041845-command error-invalid field in parameter list.
Help menu suggests this is a hardware configuration error and
prompts me to verify the settings and cablings of the burner.
Roxio’s tech support sent me a replacement disk and it did not help at all. My mainboard is Asus P4B, burner is HP cd12series,
OS in W2K, applied patches from Roxio. I can launch the Roxio app. but when it starts to write to the CD-R, it ejects the disk out and gives me the above error message. The burner works fine with the bundled software RecordNow from Veritas and Nero v5.5
which I just bought. I wish to use EZCreator to transfer my LP collection to CD. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.


well I say dump EZ CD Creator there alot better programs like nero

Thanh, did you install DirectCD also? Nero and DirectCD together gives big problems i was told.

Hi bighousie. I installed EZ Creator and ran into problem on a fresh partition and new copy of W2K pro. Did not work so I
re-format my drive again and installed Nero v5.5. Nero works fine
now. I don’t know what is really wrong with EZ CD since I’ve tried
on couple motherboards with different OS’s and it’s still won’t
work. I’ve tried on Asus P4T, P4B, A7V with enabling DMA and
disable DMA as well.

Originally posted by Thanh
I don’t know what is really wrong with EZ CD
You’d better ask what isn’t… IMHO Easy CD Creator is a pile of crap. Simple as that. I’ve never seen a program causing so much problems (yes especially with Win2k).

I ran EZ CD Creator for long time and found that my system was a lot more stable and faster without it. It takes up resources for some reason.
Now I use Nero and CloneCD. CloneCD for all my backups and nero for everything else.
Nero seems to rip MP3’s lot faster too.
Cons from leaving EZ CD is that the other software does not have a user interface as ez to use but still well within reason. CloneCD is straight forward and Nero takes a few minutes getting used to.

ezcd is just BUGGY as hell. Nero is not as hard as it looks.