Unable to Rip DVD's with new drive

bought a Pacific Digital 16x and unable to RIP DVD’s
Getting Lockout regional unit has not been set error

Getting Drive regional Status Lock detected
when I run DISC Info

Try using DVD Genie to specify the region of the disk that you are trying to rip.

Get Nero InfoTool and find out what Region Control and Region Code is. For best result, you want None for Region Code. Check out Digi/Mango’s region free page, download the utility, free your drive and try again.

What ripper are you using? DVD Decrypter? Try something else like cladDVD XP and see if it works. If that doesn’t work, get DVD Region Killer from Elby and set Auto Region. You’ll need to have CloneCD installed before Region Killer.

Are all the new 16X drives having the same problem?


No, just yours.

i did notice once that when ripping a dvd that i had to have powerdvd (or some other dvd software) running in the background - not playing just the program open; so that the drive has access rights (for the css & etc)

That’s only true for older rippers. Newer ones will auto unlock the key. As I said, if DVD Decrypter isn’t working for you, try cladDVD XP.

Put my old 6X Toshiba back in and it RIP’s fine
will get a new drive this weekend at the computer show

No, just yours.

:stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: