Unable to rip CD's from Powerfile Drives?

I’ve recently purchased a Powerfile C200 unit and am in the process of scripting software to rip a full unit’s worth of audio CDs to MP3 so that I can automate the rather monotonous job of ripping and correctly ID3 tagging each of the tracks in my collection. Eventually, I would like to expand the script to include ripping my DVDs to drive as well, but that’s a bit further down the road.

The thing is, I can use the script to mount any of the discs without a problem, but I can’t seem to pull the audio without error. If I try the same process and use the traditional internal CD-Rom drive in the desktop, everything works flawlessly. From the Powerfile drives, I either get “Unable to read AUDIO sectors 15357 to 15383 on device 2:0:0” (if mounted to drive 1) or “Unable to read source drive” (if mounted to drive 2). The odd bit is that I can still read data CDs and manipulate their content without a problem.

I have used a number of software MP3 rippers and they all give some flavor of the same “Unable to read AUDIO sectors” error. Below is the output from attempting this rip with Audio Converter Command-Line Tool, which utilizes the LAME dll. I’m including this to, hopefully, illustrate that it is not the ripping software but something about working with the Powerfile unit drives that is threatening to give me an ulcer. I’ve contacted the support e-mail listed in the output, but I figured I would hedge my bets by posting to the forum for possible info as well.

C:\mm>ac\AUDCMD --drive=E --output-fmt=MP3 --bitrate=192kbps --overwrite --use-c
ddb --naming-scheme=“C:\mm\Music&lt;artist>&lt;album>&lt;artist> - <title>”
Audio Converter Command-Line Tool v5.02
Copyright © 2001-2004 AC Productions Ltd
Licensed to: PJOLD1, RQ

WARNING: Usage of this program without a valid license is strictly prohibited.
For distribution a separate distribution license is required.
Contact support@audioconverter.info for more information.

Converting to MP3
Settings: L.A.M.E.; 192 kbps; auto kHz; CRC off
Naming Scheme: C:\mm\Music&lt;artist>&lt;album>&lt;artist> - <title>
Overwrite without confirmation: on

Using CDDB
Contacting CDDB Server…
Multiple CDDB Matches

CDDB Match Selection
NOTE: Use the --mute option to automatically pick first match
(1) Donna Lewis / I love you always forever (CD Single)
(2) Donna Lewis / I love you always forever (CD Single)
Please enter the number of the match: 1

Retrieving CD information…

Creating Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever (Edit).mp3
L.A.M.E DLL v1.32 found (released on 07/29/2004)
Unable to read AUDIO sectors 32 to 58 on device 2:0:0
Illegal command request (04h 00h 02h 05h 20h 00h)
Creating Donna Lewis - Simone (Album Version).mp3
L.A.M.E DLL v1.32 found (released on 07/29/2004)
Unable to read AUDIO sectors 15357 to 15383 on device 2:0:0
Illegal command request (04h 00h 02h 05h 20h 00h)


I’ve read in a few places that the Powerfile will not allow for playing a DVD over a network to a client PC. While I realize this is talking about DVDs rather than CD’s, I wondered if it might be a related issue and wanted to ask if anyone could elaborate. Or offer a suggestion/solution to why I can’t seem to rip even from the host PC that is directly attached to the powerfile unit.

As an aside, I’ve also noted that while the PF Media software allows me to load, mount and unmount CD’s from any PC on the network, I cannot play music from any of the client PCs. Any word there?

Thank you in advance for your time and help,


P.S. Running Windows 2000 Professional on an AMD K6 333mhz processor with 80 GB HD (89% free) and 392 MB of RAM. Yes, I realize 333Mhz is dirt slow, but what are old machines good for if not to play with?

P.P.S. To clear up any ethical murkiness, the CDs in question are from my personal, legally purchased collection.

I just finished a PowerFile Audio Ripping software. I’ve experienced many failures testing with new and older PowerFiles. My experience has been that the older Toshiba drives used in the PowerFile have many problems. Although i’ve not experienced your sector read error, i’ve seen spin up failures, timeout failures, and sometimes the device just goes offline. The more stable PowerFiles are the R200 ROMs, which are more expensive but they keep the ripping going.

As for playing DVDs across the network… this is not specifically a PowerFile issue. From my understanding the DVD is locked and can not be unlocked over a network share. The best solution is to broadcast the movie, i believe MS might have something to do this.


Does anyone know if it is possible to swap out the drives in a C200 to something that is better at ripping?

Information on these Powerfile devices seems to be sparse and I cannot find new ones for sale. I have seen some 2nd hand one but its not clear what software they come with or what I’d require to source to get them working.

I’m hoping that someone who already owns one can tell me I’d need to get in addition to a bare unit. Bare units seems to be all I can find!!

Please help!!