Unable to Restore Nero Backup files



I have recently had a hard disk failure, subsequently I rebuilt a Dell Dimension 4300 and reinstalled WinXp OS and WinXP Pro office suite. On the prevoius PC I had created a Backup disk and subsequent incremental backups using NERO6.0.0.16.
I reinstalled the above Nero and went about restoring the backup ndi files, I pointed the source to my CD/DVD drive F: and chose my C:\ as the destination. After pressing the Restore button I keep getting the message “Please insert the source disk …”
See attached “Nero Problem.doc”
Which I can see on the list provided!
It also mentions a disk ID number which is listed underneath the main message and can be found in the NB.txt file with the backup ndi file.
On my first attempt I opened the txt file to find it was blank, I then copied the ID number from the above message, added it to the txt file, reburnt a copy of the backup disk with the new txt file an associated ID no.
This is the furthest I have got, but the message now tells me that each file can not be found on the disk, and make sure the disk ID is correct, which has changed from the original message.
See attached “Nero Problem 2.doc”.

I have sent Nero customer support the same query and they have provided no positive reply yet, apart from updating the version I have to Nero- I have re-tried the same procedure as above and get the same results.

Anyone able to help?? the wife and kids are giving me hell cos they have lost their files, favorites etc


Kev :confused: