Unable to remove MacroVision from Adventures in Babysitting

:bow: Hi, I have Adventures in baby-sitting copied using DVD X Copy.
And I, tried to make a copy using 1click DVD Copy and AnyDVD to remove
analog (Macrovision) and it did not work. I was
using 1click dvd copy and anyDVD together.
And MacroVision is still there. :bow:

Try DVDDecrypter.

No way. CloneDVD would not even start to copy, if Macrovision would be present.

This comment does not help at all.

Sorry you feel that way.

Hello Folks,

When a Forum member has a problem with AnyDVD and asks for assistance and another Forum member suggests using some other software is not helpful any manner. If someone has paid a registration fee for the AnyDVD software program it is discourteous and impolite to tell them to go and use some other software product. Most AnyDVD problems can to be easily corrected without needing to use some other software.

Lets keep the Forum Threads On Topic (This IS the AnyDVD Forum) and assist the Forum member with their AnyDVD problem and figure out what the problem is with AnyDVD and not suggest using some other software product.

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I feel the need to ask: How do you know Macrovision is still there?

I was making the suggestion because I knew DVDdecrypter would remove macrovision and by using a free program the poster would be able to try a different method to determine if the problem was with AnyDVD or with his method of determining that macrovision had actually been removed.

I strongly disagree that this was in any way “discourteous and impolite”. The title of his post indicated he wanted to remove macrovision, and my answer would solve that problem as well as determine for him if he had a problem.

I have never before had such a response to a post. Clearly, you folks in this forum are more sensitive than in other forums. I will stay away, thank for the warning.

I see your point. Good troubleshooting. Although, we KNOW AnyDVD removes Macrovision also.

How you put it “Try DVDDecrypter.” was a bit rude, and did not show your intent to help.

We’ve had too many people say only two words: “Try DVDDecrypter.”

This is a support forum for one program, AnyDVD. First you attempt to support the program in it’s forum, then you see if other programs work to do the same task. If other programs work, then you figure out if there is an error in the program or if it’s installed incorrectly. AnyDVD has had programming errors in the past. I’ll guess that Slysoft would like to get to the bottom of it’s program to make sure this isn’t going to happen to other customers.

When you try to copy DVD player to DVD recorder it saids: "Copying of this material is not allowed. Indicating, that MacroVision is still there.

It appears that AnyDVD removes Macrovision ONLY from Original DVDs. (not copies) made with DVD X copy. So, if you try to remove macrovision from a copy, it will not do it. Hope you guys can fix that someday soon. :clap:

Since DVDDeCryptor can run alongside AnyDVD and Olli himself has advocated that and told us how to make it work, why is suggesting the use of DVDDeCryptor to address a problem or situation not a valid comment? DVDDeCryptor is a powerful ripping and burning tool with many options not available in AnyDVD. And AnyDVD is being maintained and kept updated. Sounds like a pretty powerful combination to me.

I am not familiar with DVD X Copy but I believe that it adds a ‘watermark’ warning in an attempt to prevent making a copy of a back-up. Perhaps that is the message you at seeing. Don’t know if a recorder would display this warning if Macrovision were present. I think that AnyDVD would remove Macrovision (think that it is a one bit flag) from any disk (copy or original).

That’s true that DVD X Copy adds a watermark to prevent copy of a copy but, thats the copying software DVD X Copy that does not support copying of copying. If you use another program like CloneDVD or 1click dvd copy it will copy any DVD but. AnyDVD does not remove macrovision off copied DVDs. It will remove the macrovision from Original DVDs im sure. ('cause I tried). :bow:

This is not correct. AnyDVD removes Macrovision from copies as well, if they were created correctly.

What DVD player and recorder are you referring to here? Seems to read as if you are trying to copy from a standalone DVD player to a DVD recorder. If so where is AnyDVD involved here? Is the source disk an original or a copy? Also does the DVD recorder documentation give the reason that this message would be displayed? Sorry for the questions, I am a little confused and trying to help if possible.

Okay, Try this your self guys :slight_smile:
Try DVD X Copy Platinum. any version.
Copy the Original DVD w/DVD X Copy (make sure it has Macrovision) do
not use any DVD Rippers! make sure it is an exact copy. Then copy the copied DVD with,
1click dvd copy/CloneDVD. disable Macrovision with AnyDVD. And presto!
MacroVision is still there. :bow:

DVD player is RCA and, DVD recorder by Panasonic.
AnyDVD is used to “remove” macrovision from the copy.
The reason that I believe that AnyDVD does not remove MacroVision is because; It thinks it’s an Unprotected DVD copied by DVD X Copy.

I don’t know what DVDXCopy does… why the hell are they enabling APS anyway?
Okay, try this: Disable Macrovision removal in AnyDVD. Copy an original DVD (preferably single layer) with Macrovision into an Image file using CloneCD.
Mount the Image in Virtual CloneDrive. Try to make a copy with CloneDVD, using the Virtual drive as a source. CloneDVD will abort with APS error. Okay, Macrovision is still there.
Now enable Macrovision removal in AnyDVD and try to make a copy - voila! Macrovision gone. Instead of using the virtual Drive, you can waste a DVD±R media for testing, but the result would be the same.

What does the AnyDVD information window show for such a DVD?