Unable to recognize the VCD in SONY S560D


I just created one video cd using Nero software,every thing went fine. I am able to view the CD in my computer & Panasonic DVD player lv55.

The same VCD when I try to play in Sony DVD player model S560 DVD/CD Player the cd is not recognized.


Puerto Rico.

Does the player work with other VCDs?

I have no idea whether there are different standards for VCDs or if all DVD players support VCDs.

Am new to this and just getting oriented on this subject.

Originally posted by snganti
Sony DVD player works fine with the commercial vcd’s like movies etc., Those commercial vcd’s are recognized just without any trouble, but the one which
I created is not recognized.

Maybe you can try to use a different program to make VCDs. I understood that WinOnCD (www.cequadrat.com) is better for creating VCDs.

Other than that I am afraid I can’t help you and hope that someone else can.

ps hope you don’t mind me copy/paste part of your e-mail. I think it is best to keep all information together so others can benefit from this information as well