Unable to recognize Kiminonawa 4K UHD disc


Optical: ASUS BC-12D2HT
OS: Windows 7 64bit
CPU: i7 6850K
Disc Release Date: JUL 26 2017
What happened: DeUHD said “No disc” after inserted the disc. After that 3 minutes it still stayed displaying “No disc” and unable to recognize it.


Just changed my optical drive into ASUS BW-16D1HT.
The disc can be recognized but it is unsupported by DeUHD software itself.
I have to find another solution …


More pictures about the disc.


try to send the whole AACS folder in the disc to them.




From another post, they need more things such as DeUHD log file and playlist. Did they give you a response?


DeUHD log file only contains every word inside the 2# picture.
What is playlist?


How to report discs to Arusoft, to give them the opportunity to support it?

They are requesting the country of the disk, the log file located at C:\Users\user name\Documents\DeUHD\Log and the Clipinfo, AACS, and Playlist directories.


OK. Thanks for the information. All done.


Any news about this title?


Titles get added when they get added. I sent a bunch of logs and such in a month ago. Some of them still haven’t been processed. I assume they have to balance the stranger stuff against version #749324 of the same movie; the blockbuster films are the ones more likely to bring in paying customers.


I sent everything required but DeUHD staff game me NO response.
Maybe they received something from Japan that if they released this title they would be (beep)?


Arusoft is just inconsistent, and presumably restrained by resources given the amount of titles they release in a given week. I sent them several sets of files two months ago. Some titles have been released, some haven’t. I know they got the files. All I can do is wait.


DeUHD supported this in 20180101.
However the information is different.
DeUHD said it released in 20170928 but actually it released in 20170726.
Maybe what DeUHD supported is not JP version but other version such as Hong Kong version?


I guess it’s the HK version. Wrong date but the Chinese titles seem to indicate it’s for the HK 4K. I don’t think there’s a Taiwan 4K, and I’m not sure mainland China even has any 4K titles, period.