Unable to read video files (cloneDVD mobile)

I am trying to make a divx movie of a dvd I made on a Phillips DVD recorder. (I closed and finalized the disk and it plays on the computer just fine.)

When I select the directory in CloneDVDmobile I get the error:

Please be sure all input files are available and that they represent a properly mastered DVD
Error: DVDManager 5 1 Common 0 4096 1536

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?


Wow, no response from Slysoft here or to my tech support email.
Pretty lame guys.

Yeah, we suck big time.

If you wanted help with your problem, calling Slysofts excellent support team " Lame " was not a good way of getting help, and judging from their response, you probably would have had your problem solved had you not been so rude as to assume they were lame, just because you did not have your questions answered in the time frame you expected. I am sure if they have an e-mail support question from you or any other registered user they will respond, as they have always done. Patience is needed when dealing with forums and support. It seems you have run out at the wrong time.