Unable to read the last 1 % of the DVD (image from Recode)



Hello, please excuse my poor english.

I created .nrg Images with Nero Recode (latest version). I burned the image with a Liteon 832 and i burned again with a HP USB Writer.

I can read all Data in File Mode, but when i try to read an image, for example:

[li]Copy DVD with Nero
[/li][li]Iso Read with DVD Decrypter
[/li][li]Krobe Error Test

and if i use a DVD Reader Drive: The reading process stops after 99% and then the reading process tries to read sectors and i can hear the laser searching for the sectors. I tested with Liteon 165, HGST …, Toshiba 1612.

When i put the DVD Disc into a DVD Writer -> the disc is readable over the whole 100%.

I think it occured on various media and depends on the image.

Can anyone tell me what the problem is?

Best regards