Unable to read/play disc1 after splitting movie

I am using trials of CloneDVD2 v2.7.5.1 and AnyDVD v4.5.8.1 on WinXPPro/NTFS

After the program successfully completes (with no errors, hangs, etc.) splitting a DVD onto 2 discs, disc 1 is unable to be played or read; disc 2 works fine. Browsing disc1 in Windows explorer shows that

  1. The DVD drive title is changed to “CD Drive” and not the name of the backed-up DVD (like it shows on disc2)
  2. Am unable to browse disc1 files although I can physically ‘see’ where the data is burnt onto the disc
  3. Disc1 Properties is “0 bytes”.

I have read the guidline and tutorials for the programs. Am splitting the DVD in the middle of the movie, both discs show 100% before burn. I go thru the burn process for disc1, splitting the main file at a point where it keeps it at 100%, thenk click back to the point in the program where I can use the right click>invert all for disc2, and then succesfully burn disc2.

But when I play the discs, disc2 plays fine; disc1 has the problems.

Any advice or help is appreciated. I am a DVDXCopy Platinum refugee, after wasting $$$ on it to find out it has splitting issues, I would like to make sure these two programs work together before buying.

Thank again.

What type of media are you using? What burn speed are you using? Try the bad DVD with another DVD player.

I can backup fine using DVDXCopy Platinum. Unless CloneDVD2 is incompatible with certain drives and/or media types, it is not a hardware issue on my end.

I tried backup on all available burn speed options. Hence, I have a nice set of 8 coasters to give out to relatives at XMas.

Added: Now I am unable to backup using compression, although the program runs as if it were working correctly. :confused:

Try to uninstall any other programs & drivers which may conflict with AnyDVD/CloneDVD (this includes DVDXCopy).

Thank you Olli, I will try that.
Also, what about the (I know I am going to hack the spelling of it) Patin-Couffin drivers I installed? Remove those as well?

Olli, do you know if anywhere else on the forum any other users have experienced like problems? I have used the following individual keywords in the “search” function but haven’t found any other posts on this - split, splitting, 0 bytes, blank disc, disc 1.
Thanks for your assistance on this!

I have had this problem in the past with xcopy, except the 1st disc plays and the 2nd isn’t recognized. I haven’t split a disc since I got CloneDVD, but I am interested to hear a solution just in case.

well, now it won’t even compress to one disc. Well, the program runs thru its course as if it were working properly; takes an hour to read, then writes it, etc with no errors… :sad:


Did you remove all other burn applications? Remove and reload CloneDVD and AnyDVD.

Yes. Did, and no change.

Very strange. Try AnyDVD with Nero Recode or Shrink. Use 4X burn speed.