Unable to read part of a file on the DVD disc. Playback may be affected



Hi, Can anyone help me. I use DVD Fab Platinum to burn movies on my Sony external recorder. I have had no problem for over a year now but just these last few days everything I burn gives me this message when I try to play them back…Unable to read part of a file on the DVD disc. Playback may be affected I can play back any disc I have copied in the past without problems, it is just the recent ones.

Any advice would be welcome! Thank you!



Hi Storm
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Have you changed the brand of blank media, also is your firmware up-to-date for your Sony burner :confused:
also what is the write speed you are using some times if you burn to fast can cause problems during playback and even trouble reading of the disc


Please post the burn log from one of these discs. Also, the way the write speed drop down selector works has changed some over time. If you are leaving it at “Recommended”, you may be burning too fast as stormjumper suggested. Set the burn speed to the slower of: half the rated speed of the blank media, or half the rated speed of your burner and see what happens.


Yes, Believe it. Burn speed makes a big difference. I didn’t think so for a long time but after about 12 DL coasters later I wised up.