Unable to Read Home burnt DVD


I’m unable to read a home burnt DVD my cousin sent from Australia( I’m in North America). I’ve tried using my PC but no luck, it doesn’t seem to recognize the DVD.

Any body have any ideas what is going on and how to resolve this.


first step is to upgrade firmware of dvd drive. then what happens?

Are you trying to play in in your standalone dvd player, or your PC dvd player?
It could be a lot of things. The DVD could be in PAL format, and if your are using a standalone, it might not read pal format. It could be a bad burn. Please provide more information.

Everything seems to point to a bad burn. A PC should have no problem whatsoever with a burned DVD or one of another video standard. If you have a DVD burner, you could probably do an error check, but that would be beating a dead horse, we know it doesn’t work, we don’t need an error scan to tell us that.

Tell your cousin to use better media and test his burns out before he sends them out.

Thnx to all who replied. I think the disc is a bad burn and will ask my cousin to re-burn the disc and try it out before he sends it to me again.