Unable to read files

I have had a problem reading dvd files from hard drive have no problem reading avi files or any other vid file off hard drive i use win avi to convert problem with only files converted to dvd with win avi
i use window player as well as power dvd,dvix and nero player but yet unable to read files and need help
have no problem burning dvd or playing dvd off of dvd player on my pc just reading dvd file off of hard drive

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I’ll move this thread to the Newbie forum where you’ll hopefully get some help with the problem. :slight_smile:

Thank you

So you’re having problems playing DVD video from HDD that you created with WinAVI…IMO that’s the prob,use anything other than WinAVI…
DVDFlick, ConvertxToDVD, FAVC, SVCD2DVD…all much better than WinAVI, again JMO…but maybe a WinAVI user can help you with that proggy…And try out VLC or MPC for media players…good luck!..

Thank you and have started to use Divx converter its slower but working well
Would like to continue using winavi if any other answers to my problem am open to sug…

am unable to play sound from clips on like u tube and others like it can see the vid clips but no sound any answer on this would be of great help

Install the missing codecs!
Run GSpot to verify.

When the PC is turned on and off the default Start Windows
and Exit Windows sound is not played through the speakers
which are turned on. All other Windows sounds are played

I have checked the sound properties in Control
Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices /Properties and the Windows
Default Sound Scheme is selected. The corresponding .wav
files are in place i.e. Windows XP Shutdown.wav and
Windows XP Startup.wav.

All other audio playes fine also no web page back groud sound all other media players work fine have win media playe and quick time

whats up every one?