Unable to read files and folders in DVD's :(

What’s up CD Freaks.

For some strange reason beyond me, I am unable to view files and folders inside a DVD disk. (not all of them) I know there is something I screwed up on my pc and I am unable to do a roll back to a time I knew my DVD was able to view and explorer all files inside all of my DVD’s.

This is not the case with every DVD. But those DVD’s that are experiencing this problem are some DVD’s reading itself as if they were blank with Zero bytes. DVD/RW icon changes to cd-drive too.

The files are not encrypted.

I am not that much of a newbie, I know how to get around encryption. I know how to make videos using VirtualDub. I know how mess with VOB files with the same program and make movies such as the following which I made the other day


I might not be an expert like some of you freaks, but I don’t think I am that much of an obee 1 kan00bie :disagree:


I am humbling myself and asking for one of you guys to help me out.

Thanks in advanced.