Unable to read DVD media on NEC-1100a

I have a NEC-1100a drive from Cendyne which was working fine on a Sony Vaio with XP. 3 weeks into watching and burning several DVD’s (for backup, of course), it will not read any DVD media burned or retail. The drive is able to read cd’s of all other types of formats. No setting was changed since day one. I have since fdisked the drive, reloaded all the sofware as I did the first time and still not able to read DVD media.
I’m at a loss. What could be wrong?

Hi, and welcome to the forum!
Moved your post to the hardware forum, doesn’t really sound like a media problem.

well you dont have alot of options …of what could be wrong at this point …

  1. drive is bad
  2. need firmware update
  3. software conflict with burner
  4. software using is messing up

…is it not reading dvd at all ? and i take it is is still in sony viao …also have you put any new software on …when you reloaded and fdisk …did you put service pack 1 on ? i always take the drive out and put in another pc totally and see if it works and if it does you know it is something software wise …are you able to do that ? also what software are you using … ??? all a couple of questions …