Unable to read DVD error

Been a couple of movies that my NEC 3540A wont read for some reason. It would start out ripping it onto my hard drive, then once its gets around 38%, a box pops up saying “Error in sector 234/123” and at the same time another box is up saying “Unable to read dvd”. Bad movie disc ? Read speed set too high ? I stumped. I cant change the read speed because of the patch firmware I am using from Iggy. Any tried to repair the disc with DVD repair kit ? Think that would work or something else ?

Nevermind, I found out that my DVD X copy express needs updated but, they shut down long time ago. So my program cant read the latest proection Sony put out. So i am looking for new software.

not sure if xcopy can do off the hard drive if so try dvd decryptor

Ok thanks Cnlson,
It wasnt my software after all, it was the movie disc. When I went to play the movie in my home dvd player, it had errors half way thru the disc. Played half way and froze. I had to skip a couple of chapters to get around it. It was the dvd movie its self that had errors, so thats why I couldnt make a back up of it.