Unable to read cd's


I purchased a few cd’s of brand “princo” about 4 yrs ago and wrote a lot of data like softwares, games, cartoon movies, pdf files etc. After burning the data I put all the cds’ in the cupbord. Now I took out all the cd’s to check my data but the cd’s are not getting recognised in my computer. All the cd’s are scatchless and still looks brand new. I have tried those cd’s in different cd/dvd drives too but still the data wont show… anyone please help me get my data back, and why is the cd’s not getting recognised?? :sad:


CDs are normally fairly reliable that way if they’ve been looked after but it’s certainly possible for them to degrade.

Try reading them in a writer as the laser in these is more sensitive.

Failing that try recovering the data with IsoPuzzle.


Hi [B]Wombler[/B],

I tried IsoPuzzle but still it does not show the data… any other help… thx thx.

Princo is not a brand known for reliability or longevity. The discs have apparently degraded to a point where they may never be readable.

What brands of drives have you tried to read the CDs in? Some will be better at the task than others.

[QUOTE=Rashidss;2474574]Hi [B]Wombler[/B],

I tried IsoPuzzle but still it does not show the data… any other help… thx thx.

Sorry if this seems like an obvious question but are you absolutely certain that data has been written to these discs?

It would be very unusual for a disc not to show some portion of the data visible in IsoPuzzle even if the files themselves are unrecoverable.

A whole series of them that are absolutely completely unreadable just doesn’t seem right.

If you hold the disc near a window and reflect the daylight on it can you see the division between the written and blank portion?


There is a free version of ISOBuster, which is another data recovery program for optical disks. You might want to give it a shot.