Unable to read CDR/W

Ive been using InCd for some time for CDRs and CDR/W’s…for some reason I am unable to access one of my CDR/W’s…the icon for my E drive in My Computer doesn’t change from it’s normal state( ie it does not recognise that a disc has been inserted) I get an error message that says that"Drive E is not accessible".
The drive doesn’t seem to be “Autorunning”
All my other CDR/W’s work perfectly…and I haven’t formatted the disc by mistake. Help me out if you can because there is data on the disc that I need for work!
I’ve tried cleaning the disc but to no avail…the disc doesn’t work in D drive either.
Is there some software out there that I can use to retrieve the data?
Ps Like the Site…a great help.:bow:

try accessing the disc using isobuster

Or try to find a program called CDR Diagnostic, it can extract the files from the disc.:smiley: