Unable to read a cd?


I just bought (!!!) an audio cd, but it’s somehow protected and neither of my cdrom drives can read it, my normal cd player however can … is there any way to play the cd on a cdrom drive?

Could you please give a bit more information.

Such as, what CD is it exactly, what is your OS, what is your CD-ROM/CD-Writer?

It’s just a music CD (New obscurantis order by anorexia nervosa if you must know). The cdrom is any cdrom in the house, going from an ancient double speed philips to my aopen 52x …

Examine the cd and the cover, if there is a copyprotection, the manufacturers should (but not always do…:mad: ) mention it to the customer. It’s a lot easier to deal with the protection if you know which protection is used.


nope, nothing on it :frowning: just the basic info :frowning: