Unable to read 8 cm dvd-r

Hi there,

I’m lost … I had lost precious footage of my grand daughter’s 3rd birthday after dropping my hitachi camcorder. Mini dvd-r was not finalized. And now, the disc is not recognized when i insert it into the camcorder back. I tried my local repair center, and they were unable to recover any data. Is anything that can help me to return the lost video?


You could use[B] Isobuster[/B] on the disc…

Or IsoPuzzle.


One of our friends had a similar event and visited many retailers and camera-shops, asking to test their cameras. He finally found one that would indeed finalize his disk. It was a risk, though. A camera that offers to finalize might in fact destroy any chance but he used to travel with it, in his pocket, everywhere he went.

I’m going with ISOBuster on this one.
Try to "Extract " first.
If that fails try “Find missing files & folders” when that completes .
Extract “Files found via their signature” .
Sometimes this works when just extract doesn’t complete.

Then try ISOPuzzle . It is also a good software but more for recovering a damaged disc rather than one that is just not finalized.

I’m not a computer guru and IsoBuster looks like too heavy for me. My son-in-law found another piece of software - CDRoller . It worked a pretty well and i got all my video back. Thanks guys for ALL your suggestions. I’m so happy now!


Your welcome Dmitry . Glad you found a software that worked.
I had looked at CDRoller a long time ago & actually forgot about it.
It has been around a long time & has a good reputation.
Since I have other software that can do about the same I probably won’t buy it.