Unable to re-install due to previous activation

I purchased VeloSSD approximately 3 weeks ago and installed the software. All appeared to be working well for about the first week. Unfortunately my pc then decided it needed to start performing chkdsk upon booting and then a few days ago refused to boot at all. At this stage I am unable to determine whether VeloSSd contributed to the problem. I think it was due to a faulty HDD in RAID 0 so I purchased two new HDDs to re-install windows (not update or repair the existing install due to not being able recover the corrupted install). I used the original VeloSSD download link to ensure it had the correct installation key however when it attempts to activate it gives me an error saying the activation key has already been used. Am I able to re-install this software on my computer?

Hello Scott,
RAID 0 is very risky if used with old HDD´s.
Event log usually shows entries when a disk becomes faulty.
We had that in the test lab, the machine threw test errors.
After replacing the Disks it runs smooth again.

To recover data from the old system you´d need to temporarily
add it as secondary disk in a RAID 0 configuration again.

Your Software key was reset.
Kind regards