Unable to re-format DVD+RW disc

Good morning

I have a DVD recorder on which I can play discs recorded on the DVD recorder (e.g. TV programmes) and discs recorded on the computer (eg Internet downloads). I find that if I record a DVD+RW disc on the computer it will play OK on the DVD recorder but when I am done with it, the DVD recorder will not re-format or record over it: it seems to incorrectly recognise it as a read-only disc and the format menu is greyed out or doesn’t appear. But the disc will re-record, re-format and erase OK on the computer. Even if I re-format and completely erase the disc on the computer, the DVD recorder will no longer recognise it as a rewritable disc.

Any ideas? Thanks. Peter.

Not an unusual issue, RW discs can be flakey. If your recorder supports -RW, try that. You might also try using a different program for erasing discs. Also, if your PC burner is setting +RW book type to ROM, try it without doing that.