Unable to print pdf files

i have pdf files that are not passworded and thus can be seen, but for some reason cannot be printed. i think printing is disabled due to security reasons. besides printscreen is there any way to enable the print feature?


Have you tried the file in foxit reader it may be that open office writer (free) may let you print the doc as it opens pdf files. As I have never had this problem I don’t know what else to suggest.

Which program are you using to view the pdf files? And can you from the print menu get a print preview or print any other documents? And how do you mean can’t be printed? What is the error saying?

i am using adobe acrobat 5.1. i cannot go to print preview b/c i cannot print. when i look under file preferences it says that printing is disabled. there is no error. you just cant click the print button. i think its a security feature. how do i get around that?

Current Adobe reader is version 8 (for XP)
If the pdf is unlocked printing is enabled - must be something else!

i already tried it in version 8. same result. this is a security feature. there has to be a way to allow printing.

any ideas?

try this:

never heard of such a feature

PDF Password Remover from verypdf.com is the way to go.

Odd so what kinda pdf files is it then? Have you tried to open and print that file on another computer that had acrobat 8 on that system? Don’t know but sounds like a bad install of acrobat or the files in acrobat got corrupted. Have you installed any plugins or addons to acrobat?

All features of a PDF can be locked down - I do it all the time to prevent nOObs stealing my work. I usually lock down Saves, Edits, Copy, Paste and Printing. You can even use a scramble feature so that OCR cant scan it into editable text. If they have used powerful encryption - a brute force cracker could take years - Ghostscript will in most cases work.