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Gooe evening all:

I have a DVD I am trying to backup. When I display the disk in DVD Decrypter, it shows Regions 1,2,3,etc to 8, RCE protection No, & copy protection system type NONE. However, after burning a copy, and trying to play it in my standalone, I get a “Playback Prohibited by Area Limitations” error.

Could someone please tell me what else could be causing this? The backup plays fine on the computer’s DVD.

Thank you


Rip it into an ISO, then open that ISO with DVDD and check again.

what format was the original disc? what format is your standalone player?

if you have a PAL disc, but are in the US playing on an NTSC player then you’re going to have problems…

This is my guess for what it is… Lots of players that refuse to play a PAL disc show you the same error as if the disc were from the wrong region.

Thank you for answering. I very much appreciate you help. Yes, I did rip the cd into an iso. You might be right about the format. I used ifoedit to look at all the ifo files in the VIDEO_TS folder. Some are PAL, and some are NTSC. I know I can change the formats to all NTSC. Do you think that will help.

Thanks again


It has a slight chance of tricking the player into playing it, but it won’t change the fact that NTSC and PAL have different frame sizes and frame rates, which your DVD player could still turn it’s nose up at, even if you trick it in the IFOs.

Your standalone is what model?

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