Unable to play VIDEO_TS.IFO in WMP 11 & VLC

Hey Guys;

I’m running windows vista home premium

I can’t play VIDEO_TS.IFO, files on one of my computers anymore. It does not play in wmp 11 and does not play in VLC, but will play in Windows Media Center. I know the VIDEO_TS.IFO isn’t bad because those files will open on my laptop using WMP.

In WMP: Using Windows Exlporer, I’m right clicking on the file and using open with: WMP or VLC. In wmp it opens the program but nothing happens. It’s just a blank screen. The DVD icon doesn’t pop up either; that is left of the play button.

In VLC: I get this error message:

Playback failure:
DVDRead could not open the disk “C:\Users\Eric\Videos- DVD\Fun With Dick & Jane\V”.
Your input can’t be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘dvd://C:\Users\Eric\Videos- DVD\Fun With Dick & Jane\V’. Check the log for details.

I tried looking for the VLC log for more details but can’t find where the log is located. VLC will play the .vob files, i just can’t get to the root menu like i used to be able to.

I’ve also uninstalled all my codecs and cleaned out the registry. Then re-installed the latest version of Vista Codecs.

In Windows Media Center: playing .ifo file will play the dvd file like if it was inserted into a normal dvd player. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :sad::a

What happens when you choose “Open Folder” in VLC and select the movie folder? I don’t use WMP so I can’t help with that.

it proceeds to open every .vob file in order. So it will play the first .vob file and after that’s done it will play the next one, and so on.