Unable to play/rip CD's

Hello all,

I have a DVD+RW from HP with light scribe, it worked great playing/ripping and burning. Now for some reason it will not play any audio CD and when I try to rip (In multiple programs WMP, iTunes Etc.) It’ll rip about the first minute of the first track and nothing else. When I try to play a CD the same results happen. I thought it was something in the drive itself, so I bought a brand new one and to my dismay does the exact thing the only difference is it’ll import a little bit more of the first track and maybe 20 or 30 seconds of a few other tracks. I tried to Google a fix, but was unsuccessful. I have tried updating the drivers to no avail as well as changing the settings. The odd thing is, if I insert a game or DVD to watch it plays just fine without any problems, and it still burns perfectly, It seems it’s just with audio CD’s. I am trying to determine if this is hardware or software related. I’m thinking it is more software since this new one is having the same results. Any help would be great.

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this could be something like the “Sony Rootkit” or similar virus-like “protection” on some DRM-infected music CD you allowed to install on your computer.