Unable to Play NEW DVDs

I have a Liteon 5005. The problem i have is that i am unable to play

DVDs . However i can play copies and also burn dvds

Could Anyone please help im going out of my mind.!!!

Welcome to the CDFreaks forum :wink:

To me, this seems like a region code related issue. To check if this is the issue, go into the setup menu and key in the following sequence: Navigate to the ‘Exit’ item and key in the digits 2, 9, 6, 0. A region selection menu should appear. Select ‘Region Free’ and give the DVD another try. If this does not work, try going back into the region menu using the above sequence again and select the region number that mtaches the region code on the disc (a digit shown within a world symbol) and try again.

If the disc still does not play, could you report any error message on the screen other than ‘Invalid Disc’ when you attempt to play the DVD. Unfortunatley, if you get ‘Invalid Disc’ this would likely be an issue with the drive itself in which you’ll need to get your DVD recorder repaired.

Thanks for the advice
I tried the above and it still dont work the message i get isSTOPon the front panel or sometimesFAIL` any other ideas
Thanks again

Have you ruled out the disc as the problem
by trying it in a different machine?