Unable to play my music cds burned with Nero

I burned 3 music cds (CD-R) with Nero in music cd (.wav) format writting spead 48x (default). But my cd/mp3 player does not play them properly. In one player, only the first song plays and then shows the label track 2 and then hangs. On fast forwarding and then playing, it plays the second song. Same story with all the songs. On pressing next button, it skips the current song and goes to next song, but does not play it. Again I have to press fast forward followed by play button for playing the song. On pressing song number directly (on remote 1, 2 ,3 …), it goes to the respective song but most of the time, it will not play. Some times it plays the song.

Another cd/mp3 player does not plays first song also and on fast forwarding and playing, it behaves exactly as the previous player.

But all the 3 cds play on DVD player without any problem.

Please help me to solve the problem.


This is typical of cheap media. Get some quality CDs & this problem should disappear.

I prefer Verbatim Pastels, Super AZO & Datalife Extra Protection (in that order).

What are the CDs & what burner are you using (Make & Model #).

Thank you for reply. I used Sony CD-R disks. My CD Writter is Sony Ultra Speed 48x/24x/48x. And I burned the music cds at 48x speed. Is there any problem with writting speed? All the 3 cds are playing in DVD players.

And one more information, once the mp3 player started plying song (by pressing FF & Play buttons), then onwards all other functions such as pause, play. fast forward, etc, will work without any problem until the next song is reached.

Try this free app ( Burrrn www.burrrn.net ) just in case you’re using the wrong settings in Nero. This app will only burn Audio CDs. If this fails I’d put it down to media.

When I burn CD’s I use my Liteon CD Writer @ 40x (it’s max speed) without problems. Many Sony writers are rebadged Liteons anyway.

Bear in mind that the first tracks are burned at much less than 48x as only at the outer edge of the CD is that speed reached. So if speed was the problem it’s likely to be for that last tracks written.

I have exactly the same problem.

however, i am sure its not my media, as i have tried other programs which work perfectly.

So i’m guessing its something to do with nero. Anyone got any idea’s?

Maxell 48x Media
LG 48x Burner
Nero - Problems with Audio CD Playback
EAC 0.95b3 - No problems with Audio CD Playback, perfect (same source files used)
Burrrn 1.14b2 - No problems with Audio CD Playback, perfect (same source files used)

There is a problem with Nero 7 which often crops up here. Not sure what the solution is as I only use Roxio or Burrrn for Audio CDs.

I’ve narrowed it down to either Nero not being 100% compatable with my burner, or something wrong with my Burner.

I switch my LG drive to a NEC drive…

Same Media
Same Source Files
Same Nero Installation

NEC Drive = Perfect Audio
LG Drive = Problems

To this extent, I wondered about my LG drive being faulty… so I tried lots of other programs with it (Burrrn, Roxio, EasyCD, EAC, UltraIso) and EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM produced a fully working 100% CD. Back to Nero … problems.

Conclusion: Scrap the LG Drive or wait for Nero which is almost released and see if thats any better!

Answer: Hmmm, now this looks interesting! LG Firmware update for my drive:

¡Ø New firmware (ver. DL13) for only GSA-4167B(Internal 16X Super multi DVD Writer)

From http://us.lgservice.com

¡ß Model:GSA-4167B
¡ß Ver:DL13
¡ß Improvement Point

  • addtion of DVD?R media codes
    -> DVD+R: SONY 16x, Prodisc(R04) 16x, Optodic 8x, AML 4x
    -> DVD-R: SONY 16x, TDK 8x, MBI 16x, Prodisc 16x, Must 8x, DVSN 4x
    -> DVD-RW: OPTODISC 6x, PRINCO 4x,
  • Improvement of DVD?DL writing quality
  • Improvement of CD-R Audio playability at some CD players

Just going to give it a go now…

If you’ve recorded the tracks in WAV format they wont play on a cd player. Music cds are recorded in CDA format

Well aware of that thanks Wizard! Been burning audio CD’s for best part of 10 years now! :slight_smile: