Unable to play form any audio editor

i’ve had soundforge v5 on my system for 1-2 years and about once every 6 months i do some very simple audio editing with it, eg trimming an mp3. meanwhile i install and uninstall lots of other software. i went to use soundforge recently and discovered that i cannot PLAY anything. i can open files, save files, edit files, etc but i cannot play them to see what it sounds like within soundforge. if i select “play” nothing at all happens, the cursor does not move through the file. sound otherwise works fine with all my other types of programs (i can play the edited sound files with other programs). since i cannot get tech support for soundforge now that it’s been sold to sony, i thought - why not buy a cheaper simpler sound editing program since i obviously don’t need that much program. so i downloaded the soundeditpro demo. guess what, it won’t play. same thing exactly. then for other reasons, i downloaded the demo of vegas video to try it out, it won’t play either - same problem. it seems something has occurred to prevent the playback function in any audio or video editing program. win2ksp4 - other details available of course.

anybody seem anything like this or better yet know how to fix i? thanks.

trimming and MP3?
Try Feurio Track Editor :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s something your sound card or its drivers?
How many sound drivers do you have?

i’m not sure i understand specifically what you mean by audio drivers. i’m using an audigy card (the original one) with the latest drivers from creative (which are now a year old). but i also have a number of programs that interact with the sound card, eg video editors, dvd players etc.