Unable to play dvd in a standalone player : help


I decrypted a DVD using DVD decryter and then I used DVD shrink to compress and burn this file on a DVD-R using NERO.

It has been processed successfully without any errors.

But then, when I play the DVD in a standalone player, It plays automatiquely (with no menus available) and then freeze after few seconds.

I redone the process with another dvd-r, but this time nothing plays and the tv screen keeps getting blue.

When I play the DVD-R in my computer, it plays without problem.

anyone can help?


What brand is the media you’re using, and what speed are you burning at?


speed=determine max speed option selected

thanks for help

Is the Fujifilm disc 16x rated (should say on the disc or packaging) - if so, try setting the burn speed to 8x.

Failing that, I would suggest better media such as Verbatim, again burning at 8x. :slight_smile:

The dvd’s are marked as 16x writting speed.

So, you don’t thing I forgot to set an option somewhere related to compatibility or anything?

The weird thing is that it is playable in my computer but not in a stand alone dvd player.

I’ll try to burn at 8x then.

There shouldn’t be a compatibility problem with your standalone unit, as you’re using DVD-R as opposed to DVD+R…however, some players can be picky. If yours has played burned discs OK in the past, though, I doubt that’s an issue.

Standalone players can also often be pickier about burn errors on a disc than PC-based drives…I can burn DVD+R made by CMC which will play fine on my PC drives, but my Philips standalone hates it. :wink:

Edit: What’s your standalone make and model, and has it played DVD-Rs OK before now?

Great compatibilty search engine for DVD players.

[quote=Grimskunk;2020670]The dvd’s are marked as 16x writting speed.

The weird thing is that it is playable in my computer but not in a stand alone dvd player.[/quote]Probably the DVD player cannot recognise the higher speed discs. You could try getting hold of some rated 8x speed, or else a workaround is to use a 1-4 speed +RW.

As Arachne says, please let us know the make and model number of the player…

[quote=imkidd57;2020917]Probably the DVD player cannot recognise the higher speed discs.[/quote]Could this also be the cause of the sound getting slightly broken up and sometimes slightly out of sync, even though the disc generally plays OK?

I have sent some burned DVDs to a teacher overseas (within my region) to assist with language tuition and she is having this sort of problem when using some of the players in the schools she teaches at (no idea what players they are, so some could be fairly old).

The copy of DVD using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink 3.2 has worked out perfectly dozens of times in the past. Copies of those DVDs were just as is, with all the menus, languages & subtitles, extras, etc. All that being done with the same PC, and being played on the same stand alone DVD players.

But I had to reinstall Windows and all my programs last week, this including DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink 3.2, Any DvD and Nero Startsmart.

I checked again all the settings of the DVD Decrypter and the DVD Shrink 3.2
Everything looks OK. I burned at half the speed (8x for a 16xv blank). Same result.

Perhaps I should uninstall all those and install them again ???

Thanks for any advice


I doubt it is the software. More likely an incompatibility between the media and your player. Even if you are using the same brand, the brands change sources fairly often, and if you have purchased a new batch, they may not be from the same manufacturer.

Arachne already suggested getting better quality disks…Verbatim. -R disks are usually a safe choice for picky players, but +R disks can be bitset to look like dvd rom to a player. Depends on the dvd burner you are using.

What dvd burner do you have? Make and model.

Thanks for the reply Kerry 56.
The problem is not the blank DVD. I’m still on a packet of 100 (Fujifilm DVD-R.4,7GB, 16X) More than half haved been used successfully so far, with the same burner, a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-110D.

For a test, I burned an existing Image files, which was successfully burned some time ago. This time, I get a freeze frame after 5 seconds. Pushing the forward button, I get another 5 seconds running, and then a definitive freeze frame. So, the problem has to be at the burning step.
I’ll try to do my best looking at the settings of Nero StartSmart. Anything particular that I should check there ?

Thanks !!

If you have an image file, try burning this time with ImgBurn. It is a free burning program that I use exclusively for my video burns. www.imgburn.com It shouldn’t be hard to figure out, but if you need a guide, look in the Imgburn Forum.

Try it at 8x again, not any faster.

The problem is not the blank DVD. I’m still on a packet of 100 (Fujifilm DVD-R.4,7GB, 16X) More than half haved been used successfully so far, with the same burner, a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-110D.[/QUOTE]

It’s not unheard of for part of a pack of mediocre media to be good, the rest not burn at all, it’s happened to me before now. Which is why I recommended Verbatim, it’s at least a bit more consistent in quality.

Follow Kerry’s latest advice and if that doesn’t rectify things, I really would consider looking at some Verbatim. :wink:

I have the same problem, and it appears to be a software or software-DVD writer compatablity fault. My old xp machine with DVD shrink and nero 6 could back up DVDs playable on both computer and standalone player. My new Toshiba P205 using the same version of DVD shrink 3.2, windows xp (I had to kill off bloody vista), but Nero 8 instead of Nero 6- only produces discs playable on a computer. When inserted into a standalone player the discs start midway through the movie and not all chapters are accessable.
Copying backups made by the old computer using the new computer work on both standalone and computer players, but copying backups made by the new computer using the new computer still only play on a computer. So the problem is not the media, or the burner- rather how data is arranged by the shrinking software on the new computer. Help. What am I missing?