Unable to play backed up kids pc games

I have a few pc games on original CD. Both show as having no protection. I want to back them up and monut them so the originals don’t get flung around. Backed up with alcohol and monunted with daemon. They will not play. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you


Sorry, typos, meant mount.

What are the games and what did you use to scan them for copy protection?

2 games: Teletubbies favourite games and Balamory. I used “copy protection detection 0.6”. Both are the original bought discs and in both it says “Protection found: N/A”.

I used alcohol 120% Version 1.9.6 (build 4629) to create an ISO in each case and then mounted with Daemon V4.06HE. I was sure I have done this before without problems but perhaps not.

Thank you for your prompt reply.


By the way, cpd06 show “autorun disabled” in both cases. Does this matter. Daemon finds and mounts the image and the intro screen appears in each, but as soon as you click play the intro screen disappears and nothing else happens. There is no program running in task manager but the discs show as mounted in my comp.


Try scanning the discs and the installation directories on your hard drive with A-Ray scanner, Protection ID or Copy-Discovery 2000 and report back to us.

Did what you said, using A-Ray scanner. The Balamory disc showed up as SECUROM 5.0. Created a new image using Alcohol and this has worked. Obviously CPD0.6 not good enough. Thank you very much for your help.