Unable to open *.png links

I would like to view some of the pics as relates to burn quality, etc… I have IE6 and Firefox. I also have Zonealarm Suite (A/V & Spy) turned off. Just using the firewall portion. I also have nod32 (eset) and spysweeper latest version. All microsoft patches.

In either ie6 or firefox, all that I get is a blank page when I click on the *.png links. Seemed to work until I updated firefox recently. Never worked in ie6. I tried turning off zonealarm, nod32 and spysweeper. Still no luck. Anyone else having difficulty with opening these pics/links. Thanks.

It’s because of the server upheaval recently. It’s just a case of waiting until it’s fixed - uploading of attachments is affected also. :slight_smile:

The forum has been having issues with their server for about 3 - 4 days now so pictures and images cannot be viewed. Hopefully they will have it fixed soon.

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