Unable to neutralize region code

I have dvd fab gold. I can copy and burn region 2 dvds (for my backups) but they still will not play on an ntsc dvd player. I have tried dvd decrypter, dvd shrink, I have tried setting the region 2 code in fab gold. I don’t know what I am doing wrong but nothing seems to work for me. My os is xp. :a

Regioncodes have nothing to do with videostandards like PAL and NTSC.

You may need convert them PAL > NTSC.

Hello sharrrri

I use DVDFab Platinum :bigsmile:
I may be able to help you with DVDFab Gold which is one step under Platinum
anyway open common settings DVDFab Gold, and on the left side click on “PROTECTION” to open the protection page.
Make sure all boxes have a check mark in them, Now in the drop down window just under where it states"To Remove RCE Specify the disc’s Region Code " click to open the drop down menu and select your region code.
And click OK at the bottom NOTE) if you close it by clicking the close button at top it may not save your settings


Unless your NTSC DVD player & TV combo can handle PAL format movies then you MUST convert them to NTSC to be able to watch them.

You need to confirm the DVD players ability with PAL movies as it’s likely that it can’t do this.

Thank you all for your feedback. How do you convert a Pal dvd to Ntsc?

Please read this at http://www.digital-digest.com/articles/Convert_PAL_NTSC_DVD_page1.html