Unable to mount an Alcohol 120% DVD9 image with Daemon Tools

Can someone please tell me why when I try to mount a pressed DVD9 image with Daemon Tools that has been created by Alcohol 120% I keep getting an error message even though AnyDVD is enabled. Remember that with Alcohol 120% it’s not possible to create an MDS/MDF image of a DVD9 pressed disc unless AnyDVD is enabled. When I click on Image Burning Wizard Alcohol 120% takes the DVD9 image without any problems so I’m assuming that it’s possible with Alcohol 120% to create and record a DVD9 pressed disc image but it’s just not possible at least for now to mount the image using Daemon Tools. :frowning:

you ARE saving the dvd image to your HDD first i hope ?
why not, create image with dvd decrypter in iso read mode
mount image into alcohol virtual drive if DTools wont accept it.