Unable to make a back-up of "The U.S. vs. John Lennon" DVD

I have been unable to back up the DVD “The U.S. vs. John Lennon”.

Clone DVD2 v. (with AnyDVD v. gives - “Copy protection error - The read failed because the sector is encrypted”.

RipIt4Me gives - “The rip seems to have been aborted. RipIt4Me cannot continue”.

VOB Blanker says - “VOB Blanker has encountered a problem and needs to close”.

DVDFab Decrypter says the same thing.

DVD Shrink 3.2 says - “DVD Shrink encountered and error. Invalid DVD navigation structure. Copy Protection Error - The read failed because the sector is encrypted”.

Has anyone been able to figure out how to make a back-up of this DVD?

Got it.

I updated to AnyDVD v. and Clone DVD2 did the trick without any problems.

I used DVDFab Decrypter to back up “US vs John Lennon”. It gave me no errors, but when I burn it to disk and tried to play it on several DVD players, it didn’t work. Can anyone tell the programmer to fix it with a new version of the program. The same thing happened with “Open Season”. No problem with “Cinderella III”.

The latest version of Ripit4Me which is the beta available for download should handle them all in the meantime if DVDFab Decrypter cant handle them now get the latest DVDFab Decrypter beta and try that also. They are both freeeeeeeeee :bigsmile: