Unable To Locate Layer Break

what exactly does this mean? I am using CloneDVD2. I have AnyDVD running in the background. I am new to this DVD burning thing. I have burned a few movies already with no problems. When I tried to burn this last movie, the log file says “Unable to locate layer break”. It scanned a bit more, then a message popped up saying “Creation of DVD files was unsuccessful. Scheduler 0 D:/Video_TS/VTS_07_1.VOB:23:read error TCSectorReader TCE”. What does this all mean?

i am having same problems anyone got an answer
rgds jesso

Unable To Locate Layer Break

I am also having the same problems…anyone got an answer?

BoSkin answered your questions, read the link he posted !!

Latest version of AnyDVD has fixed this problem.